"My children joined CA 3 years ago and it has been the best thing we have ever done. My oldest was not doing too great at school and not only has she become a better cheerleader but a better student. CA has made her focus on all things in life and try harder which has yielded so many positive results! I am forever grateful that I have got to enjoy some of the best memories in both of my girls lives thru the things that CA has brought to our family"
-Jason Gacek



"California AllStars is more than just another cheerleading gym. From the moment my daughter, Brighid joined this amazing program, we knew it was the best decision we made for her. She has grown and flourished as a cheerleader, athlete and a young lady where she has been taught that with perseverance, hard work and faith absolutely anything and everything is possible. We will be forever grateful for the life long friendships our family has gained with being part of the California AllStars family, thank you." 
-Paulette, Shane, Brighid and Hayden Johnson



"My daughter Tamia and I have been a part of the California Allstars family for 4 years now and we are both so happy!!! Tamia has learned not only how to be a better athlete and teammate, but how to strive to be the best of the best gracefully with good sportsmanship. Great coaches, great athletes, great ownership, and solid integrity and work ethic all go hand in hand to make California Allstars one of the most prestigious and sought after gyms in America..."
- Holly Marker



"It takes a village to raise a child. The California All Stars Village teaches young athletes many life skills. The coaches preach the value of hard work, dedicated focus to skills and teamwork. Your child will gain self confidence, experience winning and losing. And most important how to overcome life’s challenges and personal fears. This parent loves CALI and thanks Tannaz and Neda and the coaches for inspiring our daughter to achieve and win with humility."
-James Ornest


"My daughter was new to Cali this year. She was so nervous to start and mentioned prior to her first practice she would only do this for one year and return to what she was comfortable with. Her fear went away after her first few practices and she mentioned how she loved what she was doing. Her first year has been truly amazing! Her coaches and teammates have become so important to her and they are a family. She has now set her sites on moving up to the higher level teams and will be a California Allstar for years to come."
-Heather Bustamente


"This was our first season with the CA cheer family! Our expectations were met and exceeded times 10! Driving from OC 4+ days a week can prove to be challenging can’t wait to return and do it again!"
-Team Cortinas



"2017-18 season was the Robinson-Greer’s first season at Cali-Ontario and it was exactly what my family was looking for from A cheer Gym. Excellent staff and some amazing cheer parents. My two girls been cheering for 6yrs and I have never seen them so excited about the next season." 
-Thank you, Janell & Lydia Robinson-Greer



"2017-2018 was our first year at California All-Stars Ontario and we just want to express how impressed we have been with the dedicated coaching staff and the commitment to excellence throughout the organization. Cali is definitely the place to be if you want your child athlete to be a part of a winning program that instills critical values that these athletes will take with them for the rest of their lives including having a strong work ethic, taking personal responsibility for your actions and holding yourself accountable, and knowing the importance of teamwork. We are so glad that we chose to join the CALI FAMILY this year and look forward to many successful years to come."
-Gerry and Debbie Prather (Cali Cobalt)



"My kids had a very traumatic season before coming to Cali and they were welcomed with open arms when we made the switch! I have a few in the program and everyone at Cali Ontario truly made each of my children feel special and unique. My kids have never been happier then they are right now and I know it’s because of amazing staff and coaches at California AllStars Ontario. Adam and Bowd have given my daughter the opportunity to live out her dream and compete at Worlds this year! They also make my son feel super important as the honorary mascot of the World’s team at Ontario! Dre and Tajii treat my son like he’s one of their own! My daughter and Jay are inseparable and I love that they all feel incredibly comfortable with every coach and staff member! Mimi is seriously on top of all things in the office! It’s run very efficiently! My son and daughters try to spend any free time they have at the gym because they love it there! This program and this gym made our family fall in love with this sport again and I will forever be grateful! Next season, I’ll have 4 of my 5 participate in the full year competitive season, and I hope they’re ready for it because we can not wait!"
-Amanda and Robert Klep


"Our Cali adventure started in the fourth grade and as we prepare to send our daughter to college next fall, we are so grateful for the life lessons she has received at California All-Stars. Our daughter was not interested in traditional team sports and we feared she wouldn’t learn those important lessons that playing team sports instill. We are so appreciative to the INCREDIBLE work ethic she has received; the pride she takes in her work at the gym has translated to academics as well. She has learned to be coachable, to work with lots of different personalities and she has learned to be a leader. All of these lessons are invaluable and we credit California All-Stars for these life strengthening attributes." 

May the Lord continue to bless the coaches and athletes of California All-Stars!
-Brooke and Scott Carroll


"Bekah had to choose between cheer, gymnastics and dance teams. She heard the commitment required and she still chose cheer much to my surprise.

In two years, Bekah has become much more confident. She appreciates how strong she is mentally and physically. Children today often feel they don't matter or no one will notice them. While cheer doesn't highlight one superstar like some sports, it does highlight how one person impacts a team of many. She has learned how to be supportive even in the face of disappointment due to injury. The respect she has for her team and her coaches as well as her commitment to improvement are the things life is made of. Knowing that she is supported by all involved has helped to reduce her anxiety as well. What a fun exciting place to learn these critical life lessons. Thank you for providing an environment for these kids to reach for the top and obtain the skills to get there!" 
-Stephanie Hess


"This was our first year as part of the Cali family and it has been nothing short of amazing. Our daughter has been challenged, improved, and grown as both a person and as an athlete. The entire gym is supportive, encouraging, and a pleasure to be around. We are so blessed we came to the California All Stars!" 
-Adam & Yvonne Ruiz



“CA has not only impacted my life as an athlete, but has made an impact on who I am as a person. The athletes and coaches at the gym are so amazing and help you in every way, and I have improved so much since I came to CA two years ago. I don’t think I would ever be where I am now without the help of my great coaches and teammates. CA is one big family, no matter what teams you are on you are welcomed into the CA family. I have not been the same person since I joined CA and it was an amazing decision!”
- Maddie Pantoni



“CA has the whole package – from coaching to atmosphere. I am so proud to be a part of CA Ventura County! The coaches are AMAZING and the routines that are put on the floor are unmatched. Thank you for such a wonderful program!”
- Mo Tyler



“CA has impacted my life in so many ways! It made me confident, strong, and taught me to overcome my fears and accomplish my goals. I have made so many friends, too. Every experience I have had at the gym and at competitions has taught me something, either about cheer or life.”
- Jordan Cohen



“As an athlete CA has impacted not only my life but my attitude and courage. It has made me realize how many things in life are possible when you work as a team and apply yourself.”
- Corina Ducker



“CA is about positive attitudes. From the “can do” approach toward all athletes to seeing the staff enthusiastically hug a cheerleader when she gets a new tumbling skill-- from the beginning, the message has been ‘you are capable, and you are welcome here’.”
- Marilee Chaney



“We chose California All Stars because of the dedicated, talented coaches, exciting routines, a winning attitude and reputation of success.”
- Barbara Ryan



“CA has impacted my life by making me realize how hard it is to be a competitive cheerleader and has helped me appreciate and love cheer even more. CA has helped me become less shy and now I can meet new people more easily. And because of my coaches they made me realize how far I could go with cheer and being an athlete and believing in myself. Thank you CA! I love you!”
- Brea Ramskill


"Ava joined Cali with very little tumbling skills. Over the past few years she has advanced those skills due the wonderful coaches there. But more importantly, Ava has gained leadership skills, confidence, how to work within a team and build success out of hard work and determination.This by far is what I’m most grateful for. Cali - you truly build these talented athletes to become functioning people with real people skills that will take them further then there time in cheer."
- Dawn Alvarez


"So incredibly thankful to participate in a program that has hand-picked and screened each and every coach for their skill, experience, love for the sport and most of all, genuine commitment to train well-rounded athletes. Hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship are not just a saying at California All Stars, it's a culture and their key to success. My daughter has been immersed in a loving, family and faith-based training program that truly recognizes each cheerleader as an individual. She has grown exponentially as an athlete and performer in just one season and has demonstrated effort and confidence like I've never seen before. Love this program! Everything revolves around your athlete; winning is the side effect."
-Stefanie Vasquez


"My oldest daughter cheered for 3 years before coming to Cali Bay Area. We were not prepared for what this gym had in store for our family. She overcame so many obstacles and each time she learns something new, it feels like that first day all over again.

Cali has been more than an “extracurricular activity”. It’s a lifestyle to your soul. There are good days and bad days and those days in between where your heart is so full that, as you write this testimony, you tear up and remember that your kids adore the coaches, staff, parents, and athletes...like one big giant family.

I can honestly say, with every ounce of my soul, that this was the best decision for our family. Technique, discipline, empathy, graciousness, and all around love is what Cali Bay Area means to me."
-Amber Rennert


"E’mon came to Cali Allstars in 2016. She was insecure about her skills and wasn’t sure she had what it took to remain competitive on the team. She initially started out on J2 crew and a month later was asked to be a member on the Young Gunz team. E’mon learned how to do a back tuck in 2015, however, she was inconsistent in throwing it and doubted her own abilities! After taking privates with different coaches and having special pep talks with Coach Makeda, I noticed a positive change. She grew as a leader on her team and her skills increased tremendously! Her back tuck is tighter and consistent, her jumps are higher and her self-esteem is not to be questioned. I see the fire in her eyes now when she competes and her competitive spirit is unparalleled! She’s made some serious strides athletically; not to mention those awesome abs! E’mon has met great friends at Cali as well. I owe it all to the great coaching staff and most of all, Coach Makeda!" Thanks a bunch, California All-Stars!!!