"Joining CA Allstars was the best decision we could have made for our daughter! She has learned pure definition of hard work, dedication and ultimately lessons she can apply in everyday life. We didn’t just join a gym, we joined a Family! So difficult to keep it short and to the point!!" 
-Rosie Banuelos



"This is my families 3rd year with California All Stars and I could not be happier. My 3 girls have grown so much since we came here. They have grown not just as athletes but as young women too, they have learned to win like champions and they have also learned that it is not always about winning. They have learned to push themselves with the help."
-Tracie Cummings, Pomona, CA



“CA has not only impacted my life as an athlete, but has made an impact on who I am as a person. The athletes and coaches at the gym are so amazing and help you in every way, and I have improved so much since I came to CA two years ago. I don’t think I would ever be where I am now without the help of my great coaches and teammates. CA is one big family, no matter what teams you are on you are welcomed into the CA family. I have not been the same person since I joined CA and it was an amazing decision!”
- Maddie Pantoni, Junior 5, Poway, CA



“CA has the whole package – from coaching to atmosphere. I am so proud to be a part of CA Ventura County! The coaches are AMAZING and the routines that are put on the floor are unmatched. Thank you for such a wonderful program!”
- Mo Tyler, Ventura County, CA



“CA has impacted my life in so many ways! It made me confident, strong, and taught me to overcome my fears and accomplish my goals. I have made so many friends, too. Every experience I have had at the gym and at competitions has taught me something, either about cheer or life.”
- Jordan Cohen, Junior White, Encinitas, CA



“As an athlete CA has impacted not only my life but my attitude and courage. It has made me realize how many things in life are possible when you work as a team and apply yourself.”
- Corina Ducker, Senior Black, Fallbrook, CA



“CA is about positive attitudes. From the “can do” approach toward all athletes to seeing the staff enthusiastically hug a cheerleader when she gets a new tumbling skill-- from the beginning, the message has been ‘you are capable, and you are welcome here’.”
- Marilee Chaney, North County



“We chose California All Stars because of the dedicated, talented coaches, exciting routines, a winning attitude and reputation of success.”
- Barbara Ryan, Temecula, CA



“CA has impacted my life by making me realize how hard it is to be a competitive cheerleader and has helped me appreciate and love cheer even more. CA has helped me become less shy and now I can meet new people more easily. And because of my coaches they made me realize how far I could go with cheer and being an athlete and believing in myself. Thank you CA! I love you!”
- Brea Ramskill, Junior White, Encinitas, CA